I have authored 3 books related to games. I have always been passionate about letting people know about my learning. I have worked with publishers and self-published books too. Here are the books that I have authored.

Game Development 101

Ever been fascinated by the game development industry and wanted to have a job in this field? This book serves as a perfect starting point for you as it answers the most commonly asked questions that you might have related to this field. This book is a simple compilation of the most commonly asked questions on my YouTube channel. I came to realise that although I have created tons of videos on my YouTube channel yet there have been instances wherein I have been asked the same questions that have already been covered on my channel.

How To Market Your Games Like A Pro And Make Money

Your game has been on the store for almost more than a week, maybe a month or maybe even more than that but still, you just can’t manage to cross 100 downloads on your game. All your efforts and time you invested in your beloved game now seem like a grand waste of time. You feel as if you would have been better off doing something else. Well, worry not my friend. By the end of this book, you will have found the answer to how to get your game noticed which will in turn help you boost your downloads.

Learning Android Game Development

Learn the art of making Android games and turn your game development dreams into reality. Leverage the latest features of Android N to create real-world 2D games. Architect a 2D game from scratch and level up your Android game development skill. The transition from developing simple 2D games to 3D games using basic Java code.

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